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Ara'kai Bathroom Stories with Yulianna Sardar-August

Yulianna Sardar-August is a model, mother and fellow Copenhagener (is that a word?) whose skin care is part of her self care and with skin that looks glowing and at ease. So, we asked - with a job like hers - what does she do to take such good care?


How does your morning and night-time rituals differ when it comes to self- and skin care?
I always take care of myself from head to toe, but night-time rituals sometimes include taking a bath with aroma oils and salt, while Bodha incense burns.

What has been a product or self care ritual that has been a true game changer for you?
It’s definitely Josh Rosebrook vital balm cream in blend with Oio Lab oil - “The future is bright”. It’s doing a fantastic job for my skin.

What criteria do you use, what do you value most and who do you turn to for advice when choosing a skin care product?
My main criteria is that it works and makes my skin feel and look good ! Of course I aim for clean, sustainable and organic products as much as possible. Some of the people I listen the most to about skincare are the ladies of Ara’kai. It’s amazing to know people who can advise products and see exactly what you need.


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When do you feel the most beautiful?
When I’m sun kissed and tanned. Perfect combo is to also have sun dried hair after swimming in a salty ocean.

If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice around wellbeing and beauty - what would it be?
Use the least amount of products as possible and listen to your inner self.

Complete the sentence; My bathroom is …
My safe space. I usually call it “My room”.


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