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Candid Insights from PHILO Supplements Founder Hester Schaberg: A Journey from Stress to Optimal Health

Delve into the world of PHILO Supplements with founder Hester Schaberg. Previously a functional nutritional therapist, Schaberg's unique perspective on health and well-being has driven her to create supplements that address both the body and the brain's needs. Join us as we explore her journey, learn about the science behind PHILO Supplements, and gain valuable insights into maintaining optimal health in today's fast-paced world.

Name: Hester Schaberg
Titles: Nutritional Therapist, Founder
Company: PHILO

What sparked your interest in supplements and led you to start PHILO?

I am a functional medicine therapist and in my clinic I saw the major impact that stress has on our well-being. I was looking for good supplement formulas that take into account the health of the body AND the health of our brain. For physical and mental wellbeing. Because how we feel is mostly determined in the brain. 

My real life client experience has shown me the main issues people experience nowadays. Lack of energy, low immunity, no focus, poor sleep, disrupted hormones, gut issues, skin issues, feeling irritable and edgy. To help my patients, I often had to prescribe ten different supplements to tackle one issue. So I decided to make my own solutions. Cutting edge health solutions in one jar to help people to sustain a great quality of life. I teamed up with scientists to develop the products and to conduct the clinical studies. The result: a perfect combination of natural ingredients that work synergistically to target specific issues. Highly effective and super efficient. 

So your supplements support body and brain. Can you share a bit about how this works?

We harness the power of adaptogens. This name is given to particular herbs and mushrooms which possess unique properties to help the body adapt to stress. To restore calm and to get your body and brain in an optimum state. Very important in our hectic society. We combine them with targeted vitamins and minerals for overall support.

What has been a wellness ritual that has been a true game changer for you?

Drinking celery juice in the morning. I have done this quite strictly for over two years and this has helped my body to get rid of toxins, viruses and build up waste. It cleared my organs and was like a reset for me. Now I juice once a week. But I still love it.

What’s your favorite way to take care of your skin from the inside?

To build healthy skin I love the nutrients that help your body to build its own collagen and elastin. Like MSM and Lysine (which I have put in our Skin supplement too). I pair this with eating lots of fruits and vegetables for antioxidants and particular flavonoids.

How does your morning and night-time rituals differ when it comes to selfcare?

In the morning I really like a cold swim to up my dopamine levels. I replenish with drinking water and start off with lots of fruits. I hydrate my skin with a good moisturizer and oil serum.

At night I support my body and brain to unwind with Sleep support and I gently cleanse my face and I use a hyaluronic serum for overnight hydration.

What’s your top tips for increasing and keeping your energy throughout the day?

Drinking enough water can really be a game changer for fighting off fatigue. Also eating small dishes helps to keep your energy up. Digestion requires quite an amount of energy. Food with enzymes (like fruits and vegetables) require less energy. And to skip the “15.00PM after morning-coffee dip” I use our Energy supplement to keep me going all day.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I am hydrated, when my brain feel fit, and when my hormones are in balance.

How do you “take” your supplements?

Mornings I take Detox for flushing out all toxins that the liver has collected overnight. I combine with Multi or Immunity, depending on what my body needs. And of course I take a skin supplement to help my body to produce collagen and build flawless skin from within. In the afternoon I take Energy to skip the morning coffee dip and before bed I take Sleep to gently unwind. Works for me!