Meet Allison Taylor, Co-Founder of Le Prunier

Allison, one of three sisters, co-founded Le Prunier using plums from their family farm in California. Raised on the farm, she developed a commitment to consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, fostering a deep love and appreciation for the wonders of nature. Through Le Prunier, she has successfully integrated her background in PR, sales, and marketing with her enthusiasm for health and wellness.

What drew you to creating your own line of products?
My sisters and I have always been very passionate about healthy living and clean beauty having been raised on our 100-year-old organic family farm in CA. As teenagers, we would travel to Asia with our father on business trips and it was there that we were realized how highly regarded the dried plum is as a superfruit with benefits far beyond digestion. The three of us all worked outside of the family business for many years but collectively recognized a white space in the skincare market and knew that after 2.5 years of rigorous testing, our proprietary Plum Beauty Oil needed to be shared with the world. The results spoke for themselves; it was an incredibly nourishing, calming and restorative oil that has helped thousands on their skin journey.

How has your family’s farming legacy influenced your approach to natural wellness?

We are incredibly grateful for the early exposure to not only organic farming but the immense work ethic it takes to build and maintain a generational business. As children, the vast majority of our time was spent outdoors on the farm enjoying the blue skies and fresh air. Instead of running home for a snack, we’d pick fruit or walnuts from a nearby orchard. Family dinners always consisted of some sort of fresh vegetable from the garden that was planted every year. There was a strong emphasis on clean eating and a reverence for Mother Nature. As adults, my sisters and I have very much carried these principles over into our daily lives with a less is more approach and a large emphasis on natural, clean ingredients. Living in harmony with nature and feeling balanced is extremely important to me. The foods you eat, products you use and people you surround yourself with are all part of the equation.

How have plums become the central ingredient to our favorite sunscreen and oil?

Plums are an incredible super fruit (especially the dried plum) as they’re naturally antioxidant-rich and packed with nourishing vitamins. Not only are they good for heart health, bone health and your digestive system but they’re brimming with skincare benefits. We realized the antioxidant-rich plum seeds were being discarded on the farm so we set out to discover an innovative way to upcycle. We pride ourselves on creating patented, plum based ingredients from sustainably sourced byproducts on the family farm with each launch. Our Plumscreen SPF features our hero ingredient, Plum Superfruit Complex® and our Plumbody Creme features our patented Midnight Muir® technology.

Are there specific initiatives or practices you've implemented to promote sustainability in the beauty industry?

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do not only at Le Prunier but as a heritage family farm. We’ve been farming organic for over 30 years long before it was a trend. As a result, my sisters and I were raised to value those practices and principles and carry them over into our business. We utilize a revolutionary water filtration system called BioFiltro which helps to recycle our waste water and we also have a herd of sheep that help keep crops down so we rely less on machinery. The farm has also been solar panel operated for over 15 years now.

What are some daily or weekly wellness practices that you incorporate into your routine to maintain balance and well-being?

I absolutely love yoga and meditation. It’s such a grounding and centering practice that I’ve committed myself to in 2024. I find cooking to be very relaxing as well. Cooking for friends and family is definitely one of my love languages.

How do you personally integrate Le Prunier products into your self-care and beauty routines?

Plumscreen is my non-negotiable every day SPF as it layers perfectly under makeup. I think of it more as a primer to be honest with amazing skincare benefits because it just feels so moisturizing. I cleanse my skin and it’s the first thing I apply afterwards. Plum Beauty Oil plays a larger role in my evening routine. I love to apply it as a last step after my thinner serums to really seal in moisture. If I miss even just one night, I notice my skin doesn’t have the same glow the next morning! When my hair is feeling dry, I love to apply it to my ends and scalp as an overnight hydrating mask. I just shower in the morning and always have the silkiest, shiny hair the following day.

Can you share any pivotal moments or lessons learned in the journey of building and growing Le Prunier?

Our viral moment in 2020 was pretty wild and changed the trajectory of our business overnight. Since then we’ve been able to build out a lean but amazing team to help continue to scale. It sounds cliche but when people ask for business advice, I always revert to trusting your gut first and identifying your true north very early on. When in doubt, we always resort back to these principles to help guide our decision making.