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Meet the designer of Ara'kai Beauty's space

Our space in Copenhagen was created by the talented Nikolaj Lorentz Mentze from Studio 0405. Many have asked us about the furniture, our choice of colours or the materials, so we want to introduce you to Nikolaj and let him share his ideas and thoughts behind Ara’kai Beauty.


  • Tell us about Studio 0405 and what you do?

Studio 0405 is a design studio working in the intersection between space and object. A central question is how the culture of design’s historic, technical and aesthetic properties can be qualified and further developed in the object or an overall spatial grip.

The focal point is the room and material’s poetic qualities in the dialogue between object and human in a given context. The negotiation between direct, physical experience of materials, construction and space and their use create justification.


  • What clients do you work with?

I work with clients with whom I share a common interest and that I can identify with. For me, it is more about a common sense of understanding than the field we work within.


  • Where do you find your inspiration for your projects?

I occupy myself with the added beauty that most objects have. Our lives are filled with objects like for instance a glass that follow us morning, noon and night. We are in constant contact. These are the objects that inspire me.

  • What were your thoughts behind the design of Ara’kai Beauty?

For me, Ara’kai Beauty consists of beauty in its purest and simplest form carried by the elements of nature. In the same way, the character of the rooms is generated by the simple materials’ tactility and texture. The combination of the room with the handmade ceramic face tiles, the warmth of the oak and the centred lava stone with orchids evokes the feeling of returning to nature. The stone represents grounding and going back to our roots, while the flowers reflect green beauty and vitality.

  • What were important factors to consider when creating the treatment rooms?

The treatment rooms bear a feeling of intimacy, where the wooden wall embraces and creates warmth, so the essential feeling of comfort is supported by the room’s expression. The yellow floors throughout Ara’kai Beauty’s space create an optimistic lightness. The repetitiveness of the wood at the staircase leading to the waiting area creates a playful universe. For the waiting area, I have designed a soft armchair in elm and textiles from Kvadrat along with tables to create a break in what can be a stressful everyday life.  

  • How do you use nature in your work?

Nature is a stable in my projects. It can be through a material and its properties, a certain mood in nature that reflects in the way I work with space and light or a direct staging of nature’s elements.

  • Do you have any beauty rituals? How do you create balance in your ow life?

I normally start off my day in the kitchen. It creates peace and balance. I make breakfast for my family – that does not lessen the number of wrinkles on my face but it gives me a happy family. All the more reason to get a treatment at Ara’kai Beauty as often as possible.