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NOTO Botanics, the lovechild of Gloria Noto

Ten years into her makeup artist career, after a reflective vacation experience training Thai boxing, Gloria Noto had the vision to finally create her own line of clean beauty and skincare. Once back home in California, she applied her decade of expertise and, quite literally in her kitchen, created the line NOTO Botanics. NOTO is an all-natural line of edited essentials, effortless and uncomplicated using botanical-focused ingredients. NOTO also supports and gives back to queer and BIPOC communities.

Name:  Gloria Noto
Title:  Founder
Company: NOTO Botanics


Tell us about your background in the beauty industry and your inspiration for creating Noto Botanics?

I started out pretty young, around 20 - I knew exactly what I wanted to do pretty quickly and went for it. Moving to LA, I traveled between LA and NYC doing fashion week, editorial, and celebrity makeup. About 10 years into my career, I felt there was a missing gap in clean beauty, which at the time (about nine years ago) was a relatively new idea in the mainstream. I felt that we needed a brand which focused more in inclusivity and giveback as a whole, with a minimal and multi-use function. That's when NOTO was brought to life, one of the first brands to represent this concept in clean beauty at the time. 


Noto on inclusivity


Your brand is very rooted in inclusivity and gender fluidity, why is this so important?

It's important to tell as many stories as possible so that others can feel less alone and alienated in this world. It's also important so that we can see how diverse our world actually is. To understand and feel connected in the world, we need representation. 


Explain the concept of radical self-care as a holistic approach?

It's the idea that you should to take care of yourself first to come forward and be in the world. To me, mental health is an ongoing process of consideration on my own personal life. Radical self care can come across as even the simplest of moments as taking 5 minutes for yourself in the morning before being there for everything or everyone else. Sometimes putting your serum on and enjoying that process thoroughly is all you have time for, that can give you a moment of self love. 



What does your own beauty routines and wellness rituals look like on a typical day?

I like to try to wake up extra early to have time to read, drink coffee, go for a walk, and do a minimal skincare routine. On an extra good morning, I journal and drink water. I need that quality time for myself. I can feel a bit neurotic if I don't (and even when I do... *laughs*).


What are your favourite ingredients to feature?

All of them! *laughs* – I am never not amazed by the magnificence nature holds for us. I am always so in love with each botanical ingredient that I choose. I do love blue tansy. It's one of the key ingredients in our Moisture Riser Cream. It adds that cloud-like blue color to it. I am forever obsessed with bergamot which is in both, our Wash and Rooted oil.


As a makeup artist, do you have some makeup tips for us, using Noto products?

To play, and not be afraid. Try things out - the beauty of makeup is that it washes off!


Heart drawing with Noto


Get a glimpse on how to contour with Noto's multi-use Hydra Highlighter and Duo Brush