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Talking Wellness and Nutrition with Kate Prince, the founder of ANCIENT + BRAVE

Ancient + Brave is a mission-driven brand that pledges to put people and the planet at its core. Its founder, Kate Prince, is dedicated to meticulously sourcing exceptional ingredients based on their sustainability, traceability, and ethical manufacturing. Ancient & Brave offers award-winning blends and supplements that are sustainably sourced, easy to use, and provide targeted nutrition.

Name: Kate Prince
Titles: Founder

What sparked your interest in collagen and led you to start Ancient + Brave?

I previously worked as a media lawyer, working on many TV programs from reality to documentaries. It felt like time for a change, so I started a tea company called Prince & Sons Tea which can be found at hotels such as The Newt and The Pig and we now export around the world. This started my passion for products, brand, and formulation.

Products should provide balance - from the ritual of opening beautiful packaging, to enjoying amazing ingredients which are not only good for you but taste delicious as well.

We set out to create a wellness brand using the very best ingredients and formulate products that are either delicious or neutral in taste. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Ancient + Brave was born and is designed to make lifestyle and wellness strategies, such as keto, paleo, exercise and intermittent fasting, simple and effective.


There is still some confusion around how ingesting collagen can actually affect your hair, skin and nails. Can you share a bit about how your collagen supplement powders work - and maybe some fun study finds?

We use powdered collagen for several reasons. First, getting the dose right is key - most studies indicate that we need to supplement 5 - 10g per day for optimal benefits, which is why powders are often recommended over capsules and tablets, as you simply cannot fit enough collagen into a single capsule and many people don’t like taking several at once.

Powdered collagen from a glass jar or one of our recyclable pouches allows you to get a more meaningful dose of collagen and save the environment from more plastic or packaging waste. It is also super easy to use and incorporate into your daily ritual – be that in your morning coffee or tea or simply add to a glass of water.
Our powdered collagen is 100% Hydrolysed Type 1 Collagen Peptides - nothing added; simple, pure and potent.

Our products support a whole variety of concerns - nourishing the skin from within, supplementing a vegan diet, aiding recovery from sports injuries, there is an enormous list. We’ve consciously made all the products either completely odourless and tasteless (and therefore easy to add to your chosen drinks and food) or with delicious ingredients that make them a joy to incorporate into your daily rituals.

Whilst there are now thousands of studies (some very promising, some of course not so robust) to sift through, in this article we have focused largely on systematic reviews of studies which aim to meticulously summarise all the available primary research but through which you can find and research the studies included further: How Collagen Works and What the Science Tells Us (So Far)

What’s your favorite way to take care of your skin from the outside?

I don’t wear a lot of makeup but do really look after my skin. I adore AMLY products and use their products everyday – one of my favourites is Sleep Tight which I leave on overnight.

What Ara’kai Beauty products can we be sure to find on your vanity?

I love the Salt & Stone hand cream! Plus the Ara’Kai Collection is very clever and I adore the Everything Pouch and the Muslin Cleansing Cloths are essential in my beauty routine.

What’s your top tips for increasing and keeping your energy throughout the day?

Concentrating on the basics - drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep – although this is easier said than done with a business, two sons, three dogs and five chickens! I really believe in the healing power of being in nature. We recommend various ancestral rewilding techniques through the Brave Lifestyle; I love walking barefoot, cold water swimming and sauna rituals.

My day starts early (generally around 5.30am) and I am now starting my day with our new Matcha + Collagen with amazing Lion’s Mane mushroom and True Hydration – our new delicious electrolyte formula which sets me up for the day ahead.

Tell us three habits you do consistently on a daily or weekly basis that just fill you up and makes you feel well?

I am a complete morning person and love being awake before everyone else. I can often be found in the Ashdown Forest running with my dogs as the sun comes up. I have a beautiful cedar wood, Swedish hot tub which I absolutely love. Next on my wish list is an infrared sauna! My meditation is practicing the drums, albeit quite badly.


How do you “take” your daily collagen?

I generally start my day with our Matcha + Collagen or Cacao + Collagen but I also add some to my bottle of water in the morning which I take with me when I exercise and on to work. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but do really look after my skin and this truly nourishes my skin.

What can you tell us about any newness coming from Ancient + Brave this fall?

I absolutely love developing new products and sourcing organic, innovative ingredients. We work with suppliers all over the world to bring together the best ingredients we can find. It’s obviously crucial that our products are potent and efficacious and of course from sustainable sources.

We have just launched four very new and exciting products. Two we are recommending for the morning as part of your Rise Ritual and this includes our very delicious new Matcha + Collagen blend which has is an organic blend of matcha, collagen and lion’s mane mushroom to support morning clarity and mood. The perfect partner for this is our new True Hydration which is a blend of essential minerals with a naturally rich coconut water – ideal for morning nourishment or after exercise.

As part of a wind down Rest Ritual we have also launched our first vegan cacao blend, Cacao + Reishi – this blends organic rich raw cacao, with calming Reishi mushroom, sweet carob and adaptogenic ashwagandha. This soothing blend is a great comforting and nourishing evening ritual.

Finally, to also ease you into a restful night’s sleep we are also launching True Nightcap – a delicious blend with a hint of lemon and warming ginger and a potent blend of key minerals including zinc and magnesium with myoinositol and choline. This ultimate night-time tonic helps you find balance after a busy day, encouraging peaceful rest and nourishment.