Raison d'être

Nature. Rituals. Balance. Radiance.

Ara’kai Beauty is a skincare and beauty space in Copenhagen with a focus on nourishing treatments and carefully curated skincare and beauty brands. We are dedicated to mindful clean beauty, radical self-care and respect for nature.
The mantras of Ara’kai Beauty are the cornerstones of our business. Nourishing rituals based on nature-sourced products transform balance in mind and body, which lead to inner and outer radiance. Ara’kai Beauty is more than a beauty space, it is a mindset and we want to encourage you to cultivate a stronger connection between yourself and nature, while contributing to a more sustainable self-care practice.
Our mission is to elevate the world of clean beauty with products that are beneficial to both body and soul—as well as the planet. Our treatments combine advance technology and holistic techniques. Both our physical and online stores feature the very best skincare and beauty products from artisans and experts around the world.
Ara’kai Beauty is the lovechild of Heydi Vásquez. With an ambition of elevating clean beauty in Scandinavia, she has set to create a different kind of beauty space. A space aligning high quality, aesthetics, self-care practice and mindfulness by introducing undiscovered clean beauty products and treatments.
Ara´kai Beauty is the start of a journey to bring beauty to new inspiring heights in Scandinavia.