Beauty in harmony with nature. 

We care about you and the planet. Ara’kai Beauty is deeply committed to a uncompromising sustainable and conscious way of doing business. Our focus is clean and ethical beauty that is made without ingredients shown or suspected to be harmful to human health. It is equally important that the brands we work with are dedicated to minimizing their eco-footprint in the world, whether it be the people they work with, the ingredients or the packaging of their products.

Our mission is to elevate the clean beauty offering in Scandinavia with products and treatments that are beneficial to mind and body in harmony with nature. We believe in the power of nature to create a change both within and without. It is essential to us that we in return make a positive impact on the planet . 

Ara’kai Beauty is dedicated to clean, eco-friendly and ethical beauty to encourage and assist people to make more informed choices about their beauty rituals and to become more sustainable human beings.