Glass & Mirror Cleaner Refills

Glass & Mirror Cleaner Refills

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At the core of Kinfill is a mission to offer high-performance cleaning products without any harsh chemicals. Each extract is packed with responsibly sourced, toxin-free cleaning agents and natural fragrances so you can be sure they’re effective, safe, and all-around pleasant to use.

You will receive either 2 vials of cleaning concentrates. Each vial contains 10mL of cleaning concentrate and can be used to dilute into 500ml of cleaning detergent for each bottle.

— Vegan
— Palm-oil free
— No single-use plastic

How to use

1. Pour the cleaning extract concentrate into your Forever bottle.
2. Top up the bottle carefully with cold water until its neck.
3. Gently shake it!


Ethoxylated alcohol, alcohol ethoxylate propoxylate, alkyl amide ethoxylate, octylglucoside, trisodium salt, isopropyl alcohol, bronopol, citric acid, natural fragrance