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No 2 Myristica

No 2 Myristica

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With a citrusy opening, this scent presents an ethereal spiciness. Uplifting and energizing notes of nutmeg and black pepper invite you to get a natural high on Myristica.

A story once told far away
The holy land in sight.
A scented breeze gourmet
Come walk with me the spicy sand
We´ll flee into a desert night

Transforming scents from carefully selected natural ingredients into intoxicating perfumes with complex notes, PORCELAIN combines the artisan skill of natural perfumery with the craftsmanship of delicate porcelain to reignite the ancient art of perfume making.

Key Notes

Italian lemon
Indian nutmeg
Indian black pepper
Omanish frankincense


100% natural
Eau de parfum
Organic alcohol