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Restorative Skin Boost treatment at Arakai
Restorative Skin Boost treatment at Arakai
Arakai Spaces
Environ Restorative Skin Boost
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Restorative Skin Boost 60 Mins.

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This active vitamin treatment is packed with nourishing anti-aging ingredients. The freshest, most active form of vitamin A, C & antioxidants will leave your skin looking radiant & dewy.

The vitamin energy range is specially tailored to address the effects of daily aggressions faced by the skin. It boosts energy levels of skin cells by stimulating collagen production to minimise appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and even out skin tone & texture. 

SKIN BOOST is the ultimate hydration & relaxation experience, providing instant moisturising effect for plumper, more supple skin.

Includes tension release neck, shoulder and hand massage. 

We recommend an add on of LED light therapy for extra boost.

This treatment is suitable for pregnant women at all stages of the pregnancy.

We use Environ Professional Skin care with all our treatments. Treatments can be tailored to suit your specific skin and its needs. 



Environ Skin Care a completely unique vitamin A step-up system highly scientifically well documented and developed by the world's leading researchers and dermatologists.

Our experienced cosmetologist cosmetologist is ready to guide you with your completely personal wishes and needs. And also in terms of home care of Environ products and their use.

Environ Skin Care offers a full-line range of skin care products, both for face, sun and body care as well as a range of rollers for skin needling. All based on research and development in content and use of i.a. antioxidants and highly concentrated vitamin A & C.

The philosophy behind Environ Skin Care is based on the importance of maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin structure. And the products can be used by everyone, regardless of age or skin type, and are intended for both women and men.


Vi bruger Environ Professional hudpleje i alle vores behandlinger.

Behandlinger kan skræddersys til at passe til din specifikke hud og dens behov.

Vi anbefaler man tilføjer LED-lysterapi for en ekstra boost.



Environ Skin Care er et helt unikt vitamin A step-up system, videnskabeligt veldokumenteret og udviklet af verdens førende forskere og hudlæger.

Vores erfaren kosmetolog er klar til at guide dig og din hud, ud fra dine helt personlige ønsker og behov, samt anvendelse af Environ produkter derhjemme.

Environ Skin Care produkterne kan bruges af alle uanset alder eller hudtype og er beregnet til både kvinder og mænd.

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