A guide to holistic health & nutrition: optimizing digestion & the liver

Wellness is a buzzword with infinite applications. It informs how we see ourselves, what we eat, how we approach movement, and how we feel about our daily rituals. With the help of holistic health & nutrition coach Camilla Schmidt, we’re looking into what wellness really means, and how to channel beauty from the inside out. In part I of our Guide to Holistic Health & Nutrition, we’ll do a deep dive into how to optimize your digestion and the liver—key functions for any healthy body.

Camilla’s work focuses primarily on the art of detoxing, which doesn’t mean going on restrictive juice cleanses (although fresh juice is a great detox copilot). Camilla refers to detox as an energy, a flow, and the key ingredient for circulation—this in turn prompts vitality, an inner glow, and longevity.

Aeakai beauty holistic nutrition guide

Mastering the Digestive System

Our skin is an extension of our overall health and wellbeing. Breakouts, inflammation, and congested skin can indicate toxic buildup in our systems. This is usually a red flag that our elimination organs are clogged and overburdened, which can push impurities out through the skin. We want to make sure our detox pathways (the colon, urine, and liver) are well-supported and working optimally. The quality of our digestive system affects our quality of life, energy, sleep, and so much more. It’s the foundation of our health and beauty. 

Humans strive to live in a state of balance, and that extends to our diets. When we focus on nutrient-rich whole foods, the benefits extend past our internal organs and start showing outward benefits as well.

Camilla’s Nutrition Inspiration: "For food recipes, I follow Nicole Berrie. I love what she creates. It’s delicious, healthy, and nourishing—also on an emotional level. She cooks accordingly to food combining which is a way of eating that I have practiced for 2 years and teach some of my clients."

Tips for mastering your digestive system:

  • Drink 2-3 litres of water per day. Most of us are dehydrated. When we drink water, we feel better, poop better, and help to flush out toxins.

  • Focus on hydrating fruits and veggies. Did you know you can eat your water? Increase your intake of raw leafy greens, veggies, and fruit. ​​When we add more alkaline, water-containing foods, they can help kick up debris, moving it out of our bodies through elimination and sweat. 

  • Add more plant-based whole foods to your diet like nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains.

  • Stray away from refined, processed, and junk foods like chips, packaged meals, soda, and candy.

Arakai beauty holistic nutrition guide

Optimizing the Liver

We are designed to digest, assimilate, and eliminate. The greatest beauty tool we have is elimination (aka poop), which is why in the scope of cellular health, detox is not just about what goes into the body but also about what comes out the other end. Taking care of the liver is absolutely essential to beauty.

The liver’s job within the digestive system is to process nutrients absorbed from the small intestine. The liver then transforms substances into something less harmful to pass through our bodies. It’s a process that’s constantly happening behind the scenes, but we want to make it as efficient as possible. This can be tricky when some of our beloved lifestyle choices (wine, coffee, and cake) interfere with these processes.

Tips for optimizing the liver:

  • Establishing a daily eliminating rhythm for pooping once a day is very important for our systems to work optimally. Stool should be easy to pass and can be a great indicator of what you might be lacking or having too much of in your diet.

  • Lean on supplements for help. Take a sym-biotic to assist in creating regular bowel movements—the more regular you are, the better! Turkey Tail mushroom is another great prebiotic compound that promotes a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut.

  • Reduce intake of alcohol, caffeine (opt for a non-caffeinated boost like a Turmeric Latte), trans fats (cakes, cookies, granola bars etc), and deep-fried foods.

  • Have hot water with lemon each morning. This is a great and easy tool to help flush the liver and support digestion.

  • Did we say leafy greens? Up your leafy green intake with spinach and lettuce. They contain chlorophyll and thousands of phytonutrients which help to neutralize metals, chemicals, and pesticides that may be in the liver.


What comes in and out of our bodies has a huge impact on our daily lives. Moderation is key, and while we are all for self-indulgence as a form of self-care, our systems need to be in balance for us to reap the rewards of these acts of kindness. In part two of our Guide to Holistic Health & Nutrition, we’ll speak to Camilla about her tips for stress management, lymphatic drainage, sleep, and exercise.